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Monday 19 November 2018

Kagan Structures - Active Engagement

Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies embed structured group work alongside long term learning to make classrooms more effective spaces. These structures are instructional and designed to promote collaboration and communication in the classroom, boost students confidence and retain classroom interaction. At Mangotsfield School, they have been in operation for a few years but it is always useful to have a refresher!

Following Hetty's excellent session on the necessity of Hinge Questioning during our Term 2 INSET, we felt it useful to share examples of Kagan Structures that can be applied to multiple classroom scenarios but most importantly as strategies that can be used to demonstrate the degree of students understanding before lessons are moved on. There are multiple strategies but the first five are outlined below. For further information remember to contact CIG for guidance or attend our Teachmeets.

1. Timed Pair Share - superb for debate and discussion themed learning and ensuring all students are accountable for sharing their views.

2. Timed RoundRobin - encourages the depth of discussion that is not always possible in paired work, in a structured manner.

3. All Write RoundRobin - great for decoding subject specific vocabulary, exam questions or key themes/concepts in a supportive mixed ability environment.

4. Rally Coach - vital when embedding collaboration or supporting peer assessment into lessons.
5. Stand-N-Share - perfect for that 'hinge' point when you want all students to demonstrate their understanding whilst ensuring collaboration.

For further information regarding Kagan visit or speak to a member of CIG to borrow the books from the T&L Library.

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