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Monday 21 January 2019

Organising Knowledge - the purpose and pedagogy.

Knowledge Organisers set out the content, vocabulary and context of all knowledge that our students are exposed too. With the demands of new courses, adopting knowledge focused strategies that are purposeful and effective, will have an impact on our students progress.

“Knowing things helps us to connect with previous knowledge and to make connections. Knowing things makes us feel clever. When we take short cuts with knowledge in order to move on to the acquisition of skills, it is like expecting a cook to make a meal with only one ingredient. It takes a range of materials or ingredients to produces something worthwhile”
“The Curriculum : Gallimaufry to Coherence” Mary Myatt (2018)

Following on for our excellent INSET session, delivered superbly by Anne and Caroline, Mango Moments wishes to share examples of effective knowledge organisers as well as some excellent blogs about the value and importance of these tools:

Joe Kirbys Blog:

Journal of the Chartered College of Teaching:

TES Blog:

For any further advice or guidance with constructing your own knowledge organisers, please do not hesitate to ask or make use of the links above.

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