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Saturday 9 February 2019

Driving Questions - Mangotsfield Examples

Embedding a driving question is paramount in Term 4, it can be challenging for the teacher to devise as it requires the ability to make lessons enquiry based and makes creative writers of us all. The DQ should be clear, provocative, open-ended, challenging and linked to the core of what teachers want students to learn. 
Referring back to the DQ frequently throughout the lesson will contextualise activities or provide direction for students will help them to stay on track in more self-directed learning activities.

With this in mind, Mango Moments has been collecting a range of Driving Questions over the past week. Check out the examples below for some inspiration:


What does masculinity look like in Macbeth?
What does isolation look like in a Christmas Carol?
Why does Chaucer make fun of monks?
How does Marlowe make fun of man's pride and insolence?
What makes Macavity such a special cat?
How much does Blake love and fear the tiger?
What makes Martin Luther King such an inspirational speaker?

Why is the coastline creepy?
Are beaches all just sand, sand, sand?
Oops, what happened to my house?
Aid or Trade - which will eliminate poverty?
What has climate change got to do with Somerset?
Why is marriage like a rollercoaster?

When does sound become music?

If you have a DQ you are particularly proud of, please do get in touch with your example. The more we share, the more inspiration we may receive!

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  1. I love the simile embedded in the marriage DQ - very engaging!