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Friday 22 May 2020

How can we quiz to support home learning? - and my thanks for this term!

So, if like me, you have been exhausting SMHW quizzes this term as a way to check students knowledge, encourage retrieval and monitor engagement with home learning, you will welcome this excellent link from Caroline Bates that she has kindly shared from the Teacher Tapp blog (

As Caroline rightly points out 'It looks at how to build really worthwhile multiple choice quizzes, something I know we are all working with and on at the moment'. Please do take a few moments to read the article she has signposted:

My biggest take away from it are the discussions around the merits of such testing for retrieval practice (something you know I am passionate about) as well as providing feedback on misconceptions. If we are not with our students right now and not able to do hinge questioning to consider who has understand the new learning, then these are a vital tool to gain awareness over their clarity before we move forward. 

The issues around SMHW include that students can attempt the tests three times, amending their answers to ensure they get as close to 100% as possible. So are there alternatives? Following discussions with colleagues this week, GoogleClassrooms can offer an alternative. I have found this video great to watch as a starting point: It is from the following Google Teacher Center guidance:

There is a great deal more we could discuss here, but as half term is upon us, we will revisit these ideas, alongside wider CPD discussion over Assessment after half term. THANK YOU to all staff who have contributed to the T&L blog this term. I have been overwhelmed by the willingness of many to share their findings, tips, thoughts and generous time to allow us to keep our culture of discussion and CPD ticking over from afar. 

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